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Hard work pays off: US National Futsal Team player, Autumn Anderson is now part of Indy Fire ECNL!

In this article, we spoke with Autumn Anderson and her mother, Pamela Anderson. They both share with us how Futsal and the Phoenix Futsal club helped Autumn to become a USA National Team player and Indy Fire ECNL.

  1. When did Autumn start playing Futsal? Autumn began playing in middle school when Carlos Cruz introduced her to the Catalonia Futsal Club.  Futsal was new to the area and Autumn was looking for an opportunity to keep touching the ball off season (soccer).   During middle school Autumn was playing futsal at any location Carlos could find.  Kristin Shifflet was one of her first coaches at the Concordia Seminary gym.  In the beginning Autumn found it very hard but continued to seek every opportunity to play and learn.  Over the years Autumn has been involved in the growth of futsal in Fort Wayne as it became the Phoenix futsal club.  It was such a wonderful experience to go twice to the National Tournament with her team to Kansas.

2. How beneficial was Futsal to Autumn, in your opinion? Futsal has been very beneficial!  It has improved her confidence and protection and possession on the ball and her technical foot skill continues to develop.  She is able to make decisions during soccer on the field and during futsal on the court with increased assertiveness and overall game awareness. Autumn has learned to be transitional during the game and create opportunities for her team and herself to execute the momentum of play. It has been fun to watch her develop her futsal skills with increased technical ability and we have seen a positive development in her soccer play as well.  It is nice to hear these same compliments from coaches locally and  all over the world.  As parents, we could see her game continue to improve and how inspired she is to play every day.

3. Do you have anything to share about the Phoenix coaches? The Phoenix coaches are always doing whatever they can to help each player become the best they can be.  The coaches believe in each player and continue to demonstrate their confidence in each player.  This has helped Autumn become more confident herself.  Autumn continued to learn the game of futsal and look for more opportunities to play and improve.   Autumn tried out locally the first couple years to play at a higher level as an individual with the goal to play on the USA Futsal team. She found out how hard the competition was and knew she had to work harder and learn more.  Autumn found ways to practice more and work out more to keep developing. The training, coaching and competition and athletes are the best we have seen! In 2018, Autumn had to take the try outs somewhere else because of schedule conflicts with her soccer schedule.  Autumn was nervous to play for other coaches and without any familiar faces from her local teams.  It was awesome for us  to see her try out with hundreds of other athletes and  coaches she did not know because we could identify her overall improvement and focus.    Her "passion" as Carlos would say became an every day life routine and prepared her for this!  

This try out became part of her selection and the process to try out in Kansas next and finally, play in Colombia this summer on the USA team! It was a wonderful experience to represent Fort Wayne Phoenix with several other players in South America!  Fort Wayne Phoenix had the most players there, including one of her own team mates from soccer and futsal!  

4. Question for Autumn: What do you like the most about the Phoenix Futsal Club? "I honestly don't know if I could choose my favorite part of Phoenix Futsal Club, it is all amazing.  The coaches definitely have had an impact only life on and off the soccer field/futsal court, and the way they train us and the focus they make sure we have is one of the best parts.  I can honestly say that my futsal team with Phoenix is like my second family."

5. Question for Autumn: What soccer club are you playing with?   "I have played Fort Wayne Sport Club since middle school.  This year I will be playing for Indy Fire ECNL in Indianapolis."   

6. Do you think that playing with the Phoenix Futsal club helped you to become a better soccer player? "YES!"  I definitely think that playing with the Phoenix Futsal Club has improved my soccer skills as well.  I have learned so much through futsal, as well as gained confidence on the and off the ball, thanks to futsal."

Autumn Anderson, Pamela Anderson, August 17, 2018

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