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Futsal Facts 1

When talking about how Futsal can help young soccer players, we need to take in consideration and comparison the "big guys". In Spain, Futsal is one of the preferred sports to be played in school, in the parks and is also the first choice of parents for their children's first sports experience.

In Brazil, even more. Futsal in Brazil is by far the biggest youth sport in the country. In school, kids will run to the courts, grab an old Futsal ball, pick the teams and start the "5 min or 2 goals"- you score 2 goals, you stay or after 5 min the losing team has to go the bench. Clubs in Brazil and Spain use Futsal as the "initialization" for the players' soccer careers.

The FA has also acknowledged the importance of Futsal — we can definitely see the difference on the younger players coming up on Premier league. In an article from the FA, they state: "Although Futsal is very much a game in its own right, there are also a number of benefits for football by encouraging young people to play Futsal as part of a balanced training program to improve their overall technical development. The game of Futsal creates an environment that allows young people to simulate and develop many skills and proficiencies that are transferable to the 11-a-side game"

In the USA we can see that many travel clubs are adopting Futsal as their winter training tool, and that is an amazing step. Now, the question is: Are the clubs ready and prepared with enough knowledge and experience to teach the Futsal game?

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